• The Real Power of Customer Centricity with Telecom Egypt

Project Description

Powerful Mobile Telecom Application

Telecom Egypt “Previously TE Data” is Egypt’s largest telecommunications company. For more than 100 years, it has provided people with all the means of communication, from the regular telephone to the internet and GSM services. The company believes in creating a better tomorrow through a combination of communication and better responsive services. Its goal is to shape the future of telecommunication services in the region by providing world-class customer-centricity.


  • Inability to offer an all-in-one customer experience across its physical stores and call centers
  • Customers were obliged to visit the stores in order to make any changes or updates to their current subscription plan/service or to subscribe to new services
  • The absence of a tracking system to show the subscribers of every plan/service
  • Customized full tailored plans were never suggested or proposed to the customers, due to the absence of customers’ subscriptions history
  • Customer-centricity and customer satisfaction are unreachable
  • Inability to explore new opportunities that can lead to profit increase
  • Trying to expand in the market
  • Working toward reducing the costs of physical stores and collection channels

How We Solved It

Sumerge’s Self-Service Portal and mobile application have enabled Telecom Egypt to reach its customers and offer them a way of communication that is totally customized to suit each and every subscriber’s needs. Thanks to the Self-Service Portal -a simple and easy online communication channel- it became very easy for the subscribers to completely manage their account including services such as subscriptions to different option packages, e-payments, filing complaints, account recharging, account upgrading and downgrading as well as internet speed changing. The Mobile Application made it much easier for all subscribers to make all the previous changes, actions and updates on the go without the need of a computer. To keep Telecom Egypt’s website updated and dynamic, Sumerge delivered a website with a user friendly easy-to-use interface. No need to go through the coding hassle to make changes or update their website.

Sumerge changed the integration system already existing at Telecom Egypt and integrated the website with the Self-Service Portal. Also currently the portal is offering its users targeted advertisements based on their current plans and usage patterns gathered from the company’s database to create a deeper and more personalized experience for the customers.

The complete solution offered by Sumerge integrates with several backend systems using IBM Integration Bus (IIB) with the Self-Service Portal built using IBM Web Content Manager (WCM) and the mobile application using IBM MobileFirst platform.

Key Results

Our Customer’s Feedback

 We wanted to offer our clients the edge of controlling their accounts and its associated services anywhere, anytime. The Self-Service Portal is currently serving around 1.5 Million subscribers. We used Sumerge’s consultancy and experience in IBM Technology to implement the Self-Service Portal.”

Ahmed Abdelhady,
Business Solution Division Manager, Telecom Egypt

Project Details

  • CustomerTelecom Egypt (Previously TE Data)
  • CountryEgypt
  • IndustryTelecom
  • Year2012
  • SolutionEnterprise Portal & Mobility, Self-Service Portal, Mobile Application
  • Technologies & ServicesIBM Web Content Manager (WCM), IBM Websphere application server, IBM Integration Bus, Java, JSF, Dojo, EJB, SOAP, JPA
  • Websitewww.te.eg