• Processes Automation for an Exceptional Banking Experience at Bank ABC

Project Description


Bank ABC

Bank ABC (Arab Banking Corporation B.S.C.) was incorporated in Bahrain on the 17th of January, 1980 with an authorized capital of US$1 billion. The bank’s strategic goal is to be MENA’s leading international bank.

To Reach their goal they are working on 4 main objectives:

  1. Create a high performing client-centric bank.
  2. Continue to grow their primary banking franchises in MENA and Brazil.
  3. Seek inorganic opportunities that will complement their primary markets, international network and capabilities.
  4. Enhance the groups’ operating model whilst preserving their organizational health.


  • Automation of existing paper based main processes
  • Inability to get back to old requests, documents or client’s history
  • Inability to track the updates of each customer’s request
  • No possible way to track the location of each request
  • High rate of errors occurrence due to the human interaction in managing all requests processes
  • A lot of wasted time, effort and budget in processing requests
  • High risk of paper loss
  • Slow decision making
  • Long waiting time for customers to receive approval or rejection for their requests

How We Solved It

Sumerge’s Enterprise Content Management Solution (ECM) and Business Process Automation (Workflow) Solution built on IBM Datacap, IBM Case Manager and IBM FileNet technologies, helped Bank ABC beat its main challenges. The Enterprise Content Management Solution (ECM) facilitated the archiving of all branch operations through documents scanning and retrieval of all requested metadata. The previous procedure is done with minimal human interaction to avoid human errors and paper loss. This way all requests can be easily tracked and managed with just one click of a button.

Thanks to the Business Process Automation (Workflow) Solution Bank ABC was able to automate 3 of its core and central processes. For the loan origination process, all calculations are now automated and the workflow is fully integrated with the Central Bank to have access to the credit rating of every person. This way requests can be sent for approval or rejection much faster and all requests status can be viewed instantly. Bank ABC employees (Loan tracking management) and business customers can feel the difference and are very satisfied.

For the account opening process, there is no need to send the papers manually to the head office to work on opening the account for the customers anymore. The core banking integration fully integrated all branches with the head office for account opening requests validation. Now the whole process is automated and all documents are sent for validation to the head office through the workflow solution, which also made it possible to track all requests and validate them in no time. For the third and last process, the branch operations process, all papers are sent twice a day for archiving. The whole process was automated to help employees save time, eliminate errors and release some of the workload.

Key Results

Project Details

  • CustomerBank ABC
  • CountryEgypt
  • IndustryBanking
  • Year2016
  • SolutionEnterprise Content Management, Business Process Automation
  • Technologies & ServicesIBM Datacap, IBM Case Manager, IBM FileNet, Java, Dojo, JSF, EJB, SOAP, REST, JPA
  • Websitewww.bank-abc.com