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Project Description


The Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MLSD)

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MLSD) is the Saudi governmental entity that is responsible for the Social Security, human development and caretaking of residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Ministry’s programs provide subsidies to Saudi citizens who are in need of Social Security and Social Care. Over the course of time, the eligibility criteria for the programs has constantly increased, evolved and changed, which lead to the existence of thousands of business rules.


  • Struggling with the management of the increased number and complexity of business rules
  • Automation of existing business rules as it became a challenge to continue to manage all of the rules manually across different business divisions
  • Updating data to the current solution is such a hassle due to the complicated user interface
  • Launching a new program is time consuming and a very complicated process, as it requires a full study of the eligibility of its target audience and a full revision of a whole new set of rules

How We Solved It

Sumerge’s Eligibility Management Solution developed utilizing IBM Operational Decision Management (ODM) technology allows the MLSD to easily and seamlessly manage as well as update its new programs and business rules via a very friendly and easy to use user interface. Every employee can now change the rules with minimal IT involvement, of course, after receiving management approval. Thanks to the scenario simulation for new rules impact, it’s now very simple to create new rules and view its impact on the budget and the number of people to be affected by and included in the program in no time. It’s also very easy now for the IT department to handle all of the rules even with every program being managed by a different business division.

Key Results

Project Details

  • CustomerThe Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MLSD)
  • CountryKingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • IndustryGovernment
  • Year2017
  • SolutionBusiness Rules Management Solution
  • Technologies & ServicesIBM Operational Decision Management (ODM)
  • Websitewww.mlsd.gov.sa