• MFF is Breaking Down Challenges toward Securing a Better Citizens Future

Project Description

The Mortgage Finance Fund (MFF)

The Mortgage Finance Fund (MFF) is an Egyptian governmental institution that provides housing subsidies for low-income families, thus contributing to social justice. The Fund also seeks to improve its performance by raising its capacity and efficiency through the development of standards, internal work systems, and a trained team. The Fund’s vision extends to the entire real estate finance system through events that harmonize all aspects of the mortgage finance process and ultimately benefit the low-income segment. The MFF is based in Cairo and operates across Upper Egypt and aims to serve 50,000 new customers per year.


  • Struggling with existing manual paper based processes and having to deal with paper loss potential
  • Long time spent to process citizens’ requests
  • No way to monitor and keep track of the subsidy requests and installment payments till the end of the loan
  • No access to subsidy requests history
  • Slow and long decision making process due to the lack of a clear statistical view on the processed subsidy requests
  • Process automation to help them manage the huge amount of documents
  • Inability to provide a fast and easy service to the citizens

How We Solved It

The Loan Content Management, Archiving solution and Subsidy Request Automation implemented by Sumerge, now allows the MFF to better serve its citizens. It starts when a citizen applies for a housing subsidy, their details are entered into the solution and this triggers a sophisticated set of workflows. The appropriate subsidy level and maximum loan thresholds are automatically calculated, based on the applicant’s income, and once background checks are performed on the applicant information, the contracts are generated and sent to the applicant for their signature.

Thanks to the above solutions built using the latest IBM FileNet technology, all of the previously existing challenges were vanished. Now the subsidy request processing is based on a paper-less environment, which not only eliminates the paper loss issue but also reduces paper cost. Also the citizens can now place subsidy requests from any MFF branch, with much shorter time to process, study and approve the requests with the help of the reporting platform which uses the business and operational information based on accurate up-to-date data. This was possible by integrating the solutions with banks and lenders. Moreover, it’s possible now to monitor, manage and track the subsidy requests, as well as track their history and manage the installements’ payment.

New updates and releases were also rolled out to further support the citizens, such as a Self-Service Portal, SMS notifications, online portal agents to handle all online requests and inquiries, and finally the automatic units allocation.

Key Results


Our Customer’s Feedback

 By automating our loan appraisal processes and using Enterprise Content Management we’re more empowered to help more citizens find affordable housing, more quickly. Sumerge and our own team worked together effortlessly and with great dedication to deliver the project, which has been a major step forward.”

Mai Abdel Hamid,
Mortgage Finance Fund CEO

Project Details

  • CustomerThe Mortgage Finance Fund (MFF)
  • CountryEgypt
  • IndustryGovernment
  • Year2012
  • SolutionEnterprise Content Management, Business Process Automation Solution, Advanced Case Management
  • Technologies & ServicesIBM FileNet, IBM Websphere Application Server, Technical Support, Java, JSF, jQuery, JPA, EJB, SOAP, REST
  • Websitewww.mff.gov.eg