Principles of Microservices Monitoring – Webinar

Monitoring and observing are the cornerstones for a successful microservices solution; as the number of microservices and hardware nodes increases, it becomes extremely difficult to troubleshoot your systems.

Before the microservices era, we had to go through GBs of log files. Currently, this log file is sliced and diced over several microservices.

Therefore, in this webinar, we will shed the light on some of the techniques used to monitor, observe as well as generate insights for our microservices platform using different tools, techniques and open standards such as OpenTracing.


Principles of Microservices Monitoring - Webinar Speaker

Hussein El Saadi

Engineering Manager


What is Microservices?

In an era where organizations are competing over delivering unique customer experience, some face challenges with their IT infrastructure. In other words, legacy systems and siloed applications hinder their efforts to become customer centric and agile for business changing needs. To overcome these obstacles, organizations have started adopting new ways of transforming their infrastructure and platforms. Here comes the role of microservices architecture.

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