Government analytics

Turn data into valuable knowledge

Governments collect and manage vast amounts of data that is generated from different physical locations, processes and departments. However, managers and executives face a lot of challenges to collect this data in standard formats, so they can turn it into information and use it intelligently to generate reports and analytics.

Therefore, Sumerge offers a comprehensive solution for analyzing all aspects of government operations that can integrate with all the third party IT systems that are already in place within the government infrastructure. The solution is highly flexible that users can quickly and easily adapt functionality to meet the requirements of evolving policies and processes, new legislation and public needs.

Solution Benefits

The Business Analytics solution is ideal for government departments and agencies, by having the functionality and customization needed at every government level to turn information and data into the valuable knowledge required to improve departmental systems, reduce bureaucracy and deliver better services to the public as it will

  • Improve transparency
  • Reduce bureaucracy
  • Improve cost-efficiencies
  • Improve performance monitoring
  • Gain new insights
  • Lower fraud risk
  • Optimize usage of resources
  • Reduce the amount of waste

Solution Capabilities


A full range of analytical, fully customizable tools that provides the management and employees with all needed information to make the most appropriate decisions, using graphical representations, as well as both trend and what-if scenario analysis.

Real-time Monitoring

Monitor KPIs in real-time through interactive dashboards to help decision makers take actions that can bring departmental goals within reach much faster.


Allows users to incorporate statistics into the reporting function to generate improved presentations and reports along with the ability to identify trends that may affect the services.


Allow management to deliver core strategy at every government level and measure performance throughout all of the operations, including KPIs and state objectives.


Personalized dashboards depending on their purpose to analyze data faster and more effective using helping departments and the public interact effectively to improve services.


Customize reports to achieve the most value according to your needs since the effectiveness of decisions depends on the quality of reports and how the information is presented in those reports.

Predictive Analytics

Discover patterns in data and anticipate what is likely to happen next and collaborate with data scientists to operationalize with machine learning to deliver faster, better business insights at scale.


Built in mobile functionality into departmental systems since many decisions are now being made in the field which is fully compatible with all mobile devices and technology.


Allows users across the government to work together seamlessly, sharing ideas and insights t, building relationships and aligning the departmental goal through shared workspaces.

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