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Administrative Task Solution

Every organization has administrative work that is part of employees’ daily responsibilities. This type of work is routine and repetitive. It could be generating reports or performing data entry. Consequently, employees consume their valuable time to get these tasks done. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) helps you automate administrative work; allowing employees to focus on high-value tasks.

Robotic Process Automation platform allows you to leverage bots to perform human tasks. In other words, bots are considered as digital workforce that replicate human actions to automate a process. A bot can simulate button clicks, data entry and other interactions.

For instance, Bots can automate an entire process that has a defined set of steps such as claims management. Account opening, employees’ on-boarding and accounts settlement could all be examples of processes performed by bots. Certainly, RPA has numerous use cases across industries; here comes the role of our RPA consultant team. Our team will help you identify how can RPA best fit your needs.

RPA Bots in Action

Here is an example for an invoice entry process. In fact, a bot could accomplish this task in 2 minutes instead of taking 30 minutes from the employee.

Imagine how many invoices does they have to process per day or week. Check-out how RPA automates this error-prone task; saving 80% of time consumed by accounting team on this process.

Robotic Process Automation workflow illustration with ROI

How many hours could you save in a year with RPA?

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Features of Robotic Process Automation

RPA helps automate repetitive tasks by replicating human interactions. Bots handle tedious tasks including data entry, button clicks and many more.

Automate Tasks

Bots can automate an entire process; replicating a set of predefined steps to accomplish a human task.

Copy/Paste Data

Bots can copy/paste data from application to another. If you have a task that requires opening an email to copy/paste data into another system; bots can do it.

Download/Upload Files

Bots can simulate the action of downloading and uploading files. For example, bots can open a series of emails with specific subject, download attachments and upload them to another application/system.

Extract Unstructured Data

Using Object Character Recognition (OCR), bots can extract structured and unstructured data from PDFs, documents, forms, etc.

Manage Files and Folders

Bots can perform operations on files and folders including: creating, opening, copying, renaming, deleting and moving.

Perform Excel Operations

Bots can copy data from one spreadsheet to another and extract data from an application to a spreadsheet. They can also compare, sort or delete columns in spreadsheets.

Error Handling

What if something went wrong with all the previously mentioned features? RPA platform has an error handling feature. Bots can alert business users upon any processing issue.

Monitor through Insightful Dashboards

RPA platform provides dashboards for operational and business analytics. You can track bots performance, failure events, task status, etc.

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Benefits of Robotic Process Automation

RPA allows your employees to have room for innovation. As a result, they can now be motivated and productive with high-value work.

Task Automation With Zero Risk

Bots are automating tasks without integrating with existing systems. That’s why; adopting RPA has zero risk on your current applications.

Consistency & Efficiency

Consistency is a key value of task automation. For instance, customers value organizations that deliver consistent experience across their channels.

Operational Speed & Scalability

Task automation can save up-to 80% of employees’ time. Bots will help you scale your operations while maintaining your staff size.

Minimize Human Errors

Admin work could have error-prone tasks. For example, the chance of human error during copy/paste is high. Bots help reduce these errors.

Improved Morale & Engagement

Employees are no more demotivated with admin work. Accordingly, they have space for innovation and time to focus on valuable tasks.

Empowered Business Users

RPA platform enables business users to manage bots. The platform has a user-friendly interface; facilitating the process of deploying quick changes without IT assistance.

Eliminate Repetitive Work to Improve Employee Productivity with Sumerge RPA Solution.

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RPA Consulting & Implementation

Our RPA consulting team can support you through all the phases of your RPA adoption. To begin with, our team helps you analyze the potential benefits of RPA platform in relevance to your organization needs.

Afterwards, they help you identify key use cases to kick-off your first processes. At this point, you see the value of automating the defined tasks over RPA platform based on an ROI analysis.

Our team has strong experience with choosing the right technology and setting the right strategy and plan.  As a matter of fact, we believe in quick delivery of value to the business.

Consequently, we recommend starting with an initial project that goes live in 4-6 weeks with one or two processes. Then, we start continuously capitalizing on it.

IBM & Automation Anywhere

Robotic Process Automation Platform

Sumerge offers RPA solution over IBM and Automation Anywhere technologies. In essence, this collaboration provides a comprehensive solution to extend RPA capabilities.

We can integrate RPA with other business automation components such as business process management. In case of having complex tasks, we complement RPA platform with automation capabilities to maximize its ROI.

Extending RPA Platform

For instance, if a task requires complex calculations, we integrate RPA with business rules management tool. That is, a decision table; where rules are configured and executed upon need.

Some tasks are simple while; others are complex for bots to perform. That’s why; we help you extend RPA capabilities by adding-up other components according to your needs.

IBM Automation helps us empower your Robotic Process Automation platform with the following:

  • Workflow Automation
  • Automated Decisions
  • Content Capture & Management

Learn More About Extending RPA Capabilities

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