Business Process Management

Gain a process centric view

Government agencies are by nature, disparate bodies, operating in very different sectors, providing varied and diverse services to public and private organizations. Individual departments need to gain an overview of how their work fits into the overall picture of government, as well as with other agencies, in order to streamline and automate processes to deliver services more effectively and collaborate more efficiently with other entities.

Sumerge offers a Business Process Management solution that has been designed to give government departments and agencies full control, automation and clear visibility when it comes to government services, projects and objectives. The BPM solution offers designated personnel with a clear overview of all operations pertaining to their role. Also, Sumerge helps government agencies asses and reengineer their current processes while complying with their business rules and policies to become more streamlined, efficient and provide better services to customers.

Solution Benefits

Administrative processes for dealing with the public need to be as effective as possible, both in terms of time and costs that why the BPM solution offers a single platform that will

  • Automate & optimize administrative processes through managing each process SLA.
  • Increase productivity by identifying and removing bottlenecks.
  • Measure process performance & apply escalation paths in case of delays.
  • Real time visibility across all areas of operations
  • Enhance interactions with the public & other departments.
  • Speed up reaction time & decision making.

Solution capabilities

Govern processes and improve resource allocations and utilization with a clear view of all projects, services and procedures through

Omni-channel Support

The BPM user interface has been designed to integrate with eService portals, mobile applications, and existing system and call center tools, making it easy to implement a unified experience for processes across the individual departments and partner organizations.

Statistical Analysis & Reporting

The solution be customized for key performance indicators, trends and statistical analysis, to help government agency executives easily identify any issues in the processes and measure the impact of new applied polices and how changes have affected the business positively or negatively.

Business Process Manager

The process manager can simulate each designed business process and plan the required time for each process and escalation paths to give personnel across government bodies the ability to collaborate and share insights into operations.

Decision Manager

Within the solution, managers can view strategies and outcomes for enhanced decision-making. The decision-modelling component offers a schematic visual of all routes towards an outcome to enhance policy making and make a centralized rules and policy engine which act as the brain of the system which contains all logical and rules validations, for example, citizen eligibility for specific services, calculating the fees, etc.

Best Practices Library

The solution not only integrates with existing systems, but also can be customized to meet specific requirements when dealing with different types of government customers. Whether the customer is a citizen, business or other type of organizations, the solution will seek out proven expertise and methodology through online sources for enhancing administration, reducing costs and errors, and even the need to hire in specialists.

Case Management

Effective case management is key when dealing with the public. Not only does the capability give departments the functionality to optimize interactions with the public, but it can also be used create new and more efficient processes through using ad-hoc tasks, process routing and document management capabilities.

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