Our Engineering Culture

Beyond Excellence

Our teams consist of highly qualified, career-driven groups of academic achievers and work intellectuals, equipped with integrity and professionalism. We always empower our engineering teams to have a culture of self-improvement where we continuously support initiatives especially in the areas of DevOps, Agile, automation and adoption of modern architecture paradigms.

We believe in creating the right context and engineering culture to support our people to reach their goals, innovate and achieve their tech passion.

Five Core Principles

Self-organizing Teams

Our teams are entrusted to take decisions, readily adapt to changing demands, learn and improve. Effectively managing themselves, our people don’t wait to be told what to do. Seeking to continuously enhance their own skills and recommend outstanding ideas, our Engineering Team collaborates to derive the finest approaches.

Continuous Innovation

We constantly ask ourselves what new we are bringing to the table; a solution to a business problem, new features, technology, frameworks, methods or tools. Innovation from everyone is the key to the continuous advancement and makes sure that Sumerge Engineering is always improving and at the edge of technology.

Empower & Experiment

We’re proud to be collaborators, problem solvers and risk-takers. Everyone in our teams is empowered to take decisions and experiment. Through the desire to achieve and lead, our people continue to live an experience full of trials and errors followed by distinct outcomes.

Technical Excellence

We always assess the business and whether the customer is satisfied with the features we’re shipping. The technical excellence of the product, the current architecture and technical debt, the release process, and the ability to promptly deliver new features with the highest quality derive exquisite customer experience.

People First

We build well-rounded high performing teams with an open environment for ideas, feedback and improvement. Constantly aspiring for continuous learning and development, we strive to give our people support and a place where they can achieve mastery and greatness, and inspire them to to do what they do best every day.

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