Pension and Social Programs System

Easily classify the beneficiaries

In different countries, social programs and pension services are frequently confronted with significant challenges. How they can ensure services availability and delivery to the right people? How they can ensure fair benefits based on different citizen case? How they ensure the alignment between non-governmental agencies and Country social program polices and regulations.

That’s why Sumerge’s Pension and Social Program Management offers a solution to manage the delivery of social programs and pensions, from identifying the write beneficiaries, and creating their 360 degrees information which enhance the citizens clustering and segmentation for whom can benefit from these services. The solution enables a scalable high-volume transaction for national-level pension program management, while helping to provide a person-centric service delivery for individuals and employers.

Solution Benefits

The solution delivers business analytics and trends for better decision & policy making for government, employers, NGOs, and the general public, which means:

  • Effective spending and budget planning
  • 360 degrees on Citizen information
  • Deep and predicted insights
  • Fraud cases and suspicious behaviour detection and elimination
  • Proper governance on NGOs and employers.
  • Better planning for new social programs
  • Respond more effectively to policy changes
  • Provide services consumption insights to management
  • Faster collections for employers subscriptions
  • Eliminate any fraud issues
  • Better services delivery
  • Cost saving and better management of resources

Solution Capabilities

It acts as central repository for business decisions and policies which controls the different programs rules to detect on the spot who should be beneficiary for each program and it can be supplemented with add-on modules, all of which can be customized to meet the entity needs along with


Designed to work responsively with all mobile devices, including Smartphones and tablets.


The solution integrates with current existing systems, payment gateways and can provide data services exchange with different governmental entities.

One-stop Shop

Single portal for Pension and Social program services for citizens, Employers, NGOs, and Employees through Enterprise Portal for Pension and social services.


Personalized real-time analytics, reports, and dashboards for each stakeholder role.

Pension Modules

Core modules with content management for citizen enrolment, coverage and contribution, pension control, payments management and collections.

Workflow Automation

Automated business processes and procedures for different services requests with Business rules engine to store and perform all programs rules and policies

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