use cases for microservices in banking

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Leading The Digital Banking Era with Microservices

5 Use Cases for Microservices Architecture in Banking

A bank’s strategic objective is to deliver a unique customer experience and digital transformation has become a key element of that objective over the last few years. Some banks have already started the journey while others are yet to follow. However, COVID-19 has changed the game. In other words, executives were pressured to respond to numerous changes including the overnight shift to remote working, followed by the forced adoption of digital banking.

This eBook, brought to you by Sumerge and Red Hat team,  brings unique approaches for financial institutions to lead the digital banking era with microservices.

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Observability in Microservices

Monitoring and observing are the cornerstones for a successful microservices solution; as the number of microservices and hardware nodes increases, it becomes extremely difficult to troubleshoot your systems.

Before the microservices era, we had to go through GBs of log files. Currently, this log file is sliced and diced over several microservices.

Therefore, in this webinar, we will shed the light on some of the techniques used to monitor, observe as well as generate insights for our microservices platform using different tools, techniques and open standards such as OpenTracing.

This webinar is hosted by Hussein El Saadi, our Engineering Manager.

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Time-To-Market Driven Disruption

Starter guide to microservices and business agility

With IT infrastructure hindering organizations efforts towards achieving digital transformation, IT leadership have started to embrace news ways of transforming their platforms to increase their business agility. In fact, the software industry has been disrupted by new tech giants such as Netflix, Amazon, LinkedIn etc. and those companies have changed how the world adopts and builds software.

“Time-to-Market Driven Disruption” brings a holistic approach for CIOs beginning their microservices transformation journey.

Ministry of Labor & Social development KSA

Featured Success Story

Microservices Transformation

This case study is one of Sumerge success stories in Microservices Transformation projects.

Sumerge recently partnered with MLSD to digitally transform how citizens and beneficiaries make use of social programs and benefits. In fact, Sumerge team streamlined and digitized 100% of MLSD social services allowing beneficiaries to make use of all services online.

Behind the scenes and to reach this digital transformation vision, we transformed the legacy existing platform to Microservices. Also, we made use of test automation and DevOps practices to be able to rollout new services quickly and efficiently. In addition we reengineered the existing business processes, integrated with several internal and external entities to remove manual work and paper based transactions.

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