Accurate Electronic Document Creation

When performing content management, you’ll have a large array of documents in both digital and paper formats. Yet this setup can lead to storing and using inaccurate and duplicate information that slows down internal processes. Switching to a paperless operation requires a content capturing solution that can efficiently scan, capture data, and index it quickly without compromising internal security policies.

Sumerge’s Content Capturing and Imaging solution offers a simplified approach to content digitization. With these automation tools at your fingertips, you can perform all document imaging, indexing and uploading to your Content Management System so employees can access the right information in a quicker manner to boost their productivity.

Scan Document Information

for Fast Data Entry Processes

Companies understand that having a digital means to accessing business-critical paper documents securely is essential. Smart extraction tools provide the following benefits:

  • Quick document data capturing and imaging cycles so workers stay productive.
  • Minimizing human intervention to reduce error rates and duplication.
  • Ensuring that the security policies of the organization are being honoured.
  • Digitization of all documents (back-log or day-to-day) to create and maintain a paperless environment.

Content Capturing Solution Capabilities

Do more with automated document capturing and imaging tools built on IBM DataCap Taskmaster, a world-leading document capturing platform.

Batch Scanning

Feed batches of documents into the scanner for faster operation

Expert Form Redesign

Helps your organization redesign forms to maximize automation benefits while ensuring higher accuracy rates.

Document Recognition and Splitting

Use template information and/or barcodes on scanned documents to recognize and index data according to predesigned rules.

Vast Integration Capabilities

Allows for bidirectional integration with other systems using all major integration technologies such as web and rest service to provide more implementation options.

Image-to-Text Technology Support

Covers all major recognition technologies such as: Optical Character recognition, Intelligent Character Recognition, Optical Mark Recognition, Barcodes, and Magnetic Ink Character Recognition as well as supports federation and use of 3rd party libraries.

Wide-Range Scanner Support

Supports different vendors’ scanners which implement TWAIN drivers

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IBM Datacap & Content Analyzer

Underlying Technologies

IBM® Datacap helps you streamline the capture, recognition and classification of business documents and extract important information. Datacap supports multiple-channel capture by processing paper documents on scanners, mobile devices, multi-function peripherals and fax.

The IBM Business Automation Content Analyzer is a new cloud-based API web service. It’s designed to work with the IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business or any non-IBM content or process systems. Content Analyzer helps you rapidly accelerate extraction and classification of data in your documents — no matter what you’re using today. Content Analyzer can digitize, classify and extract unstructured document content using OCR and PDF text extraction.

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With the spike in the amount of documents and other types of content that is generated by organizations, it is becoming an increasing challenge for them to fully utilize and manage the value that this content holds, as they can quickly lose track of the generated documents and it gets quite costly to regenerate the lost documents.

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