Manage Fraud to

Minimize Losses and Avoid Fines

Financial crimes against banks and financial institutions have escalated due to the advancement of technology. Internal and external threats cause havoc to operations and massive financial losses to customers. Using outdated fraud prevention methods and legacy systems to discover and investigate these financial crimes can fail to prevent and remediate issues efficiently, as banks may experience higher regulatory fines and penalties.

Sumerge’s Counter Fraud Management Solution offers real-time, customer-centric fraud prevention. This banking fraud solution is simple to configure and execute, allowing it to be set up within minutes, as it uses intelligent analytical detection engines to create highly predictive models. These models can then be used to recognize and prevent future fraud.

Banks Fraud Solution Benefits

Tailored and customizable fraud detection rules used to find anomalies within customer transactional data.

Minimizes financial losses

by matching transactional data against customer banking history profiles to detect fraud in real time.

Provides banking management increased visibility

during fraud investigations as well as auditing transparency and traceability.

Handles large volumes of data at high speeds

from various data sources while storing relevant data in memory for low latency responses.

Fully integrateable

with any core banking and payments system to allow for detection, investigation and prevention of different types of fraud.

Detects new unusual behavior

by correlating and identifying patterns within transactional data, historical data and customer behavior while updating and refining fraud rules, allowing immediate action to be taken.

Real-Time Analytics Features to Reduce Fraud

Counter Fraud Management Solution from Sumerge provides employees with vital tools to conduct and report on fraud-related transactions.


Out-of-the-box alert scenarios for accurate use

Workflow Automation

Develop rich profiles with audited work flow and case management

Testing Tools

Scenario testing tools for fast and easy validation

Pre-defined Reports

Pre-defined report creation for investigations and performance documents

Real-Time Integration

Batch data integration with core banking and payments infrastructures

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