A bank’s strategic objective is to deliver a unique customer experience and digital transformation has become a key element of that objective over the last few years. Some banks have already started the journey while others are yet to follow. However, COVID-19 has changed the game. In other words, executives were pressured to respond to numerous changes including the overnight shift to remote working, followed by the forced adoption of digital banking. All these changes have pushed executives to explore new technologies and approaches to increase their business agility, and accelerate their digital transformation journey.

This eBook, brought to you by Sumerge and Red Hat team,  brings unique approaches for financial institutions to lead the digital banking era with microservices. It focuses on the values and use cases for microservices architecture in banking, and responds to the following trends:

  • Traditional digital banking platforms are not designed for today’s competitive world and don’t meet customer expectations.
  • How can banks be able to deliver new services and features on daily/weekly releases instead of taking months?
  • How to transform your systems integration that is hindering your bank’s initiatives.
  • Re-thinking your legacy systems.
  • Moving to cloud native platforms, like Red Hat OpenShift, to overcome infrastructure challenges and enable a faster time-to-market.

use cases for microservices in banking

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