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Launch Towards a Wireless Future

Instant Payment Network


Ever since the events of 2020, all sectors have realized the importance of wireless transactions and contactless services, and in support of that the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) released a mandate requiring all banks to add support of Instant Payment Network (IPN). IPN allows individuals to transfer money instantly giving them access to multiple sources of fund through their mobile phone numbers. This network is designed for instant transactions between bank accounts, wallets, cards as well as Payment Service Providers (PSPs).

IPN Payment Gateway Solution Overview

IPN Core Functionality

  • Customer onboarding and Registration
  • Authentication for source of fund
  • PIN management for registered source of fund
  • Accounts management, balance enquiry and mini statement
  • Handling different account types: accounts, wallets and Meeza cards
  • Notification to the sender
  • Business reports

IPN Financial Functionality

  • Funds transfer
  • Handling reversals, blocking and unblocking

IPN Technical Capabilities

  • Integration adaptors for Core banking and Cards Management system
  • API gateway & 3rd parties’ interfaces
  • Security
  • Caching
  • Autoscaling
  • Self healing
  • IT Operations monitoring

IPN - Benefits

Implementation of IPN has become more and more inevitable, with the whole world going for a completely wireless future, the drivers pushing for IPN have embossed. Statistics show that 67% of the Egyptian population is unbanked all the while 93% of the population has a mobile subscription. On the other hand The cost of transferring money between individuals is high through banks. Options are limited and time-consuming. To wrap them all up, the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) is promoting the collaboration between banks and rising FinTechs.

IPN - Technical Benefits

End-To-End DevOps & CI/CD Pipelines

Code & Artifacts Repositories, CI pipelines, Automated Build  ,Testing  & Deployment

Full Monitoring of All Solution Components

Using Prometheus & ELK Stack

Fully Covered by Test Automations

Including Unit Testing , Integration Testing , End-2-end Testing & Test Data Management

Monitoring & Reporting on Latency & Performance

On Provided, consumed & internal  API calls

Make use of Auto Scaling and Auto Healing

Capitalize on Microservices  benefits

IPN - Features

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IPN Ecosystem Components

With the Central Bank of Egypt issuing mandates regarding IPN and the need to take the market to a step further, we at Sumerge have perfected the formula for a 4-6 weeks ready to launch solution, covering your every business and technical need. IPN comes with a whole ecosystem that enables banks, consumers and PSPs all the while covering a secure library.

Instant Payment Network Ecosystem

Path to a Wireless Future

Instant Payment Network

  1. Rules and Regulations
  2. Connect Customers, Banks, and PSPs
  3. Exchange Financial Messages
  4. Mapping between IPA and Mobile Number
  5. Enforcing 2-Factor Authentication

Payment Service Provider

  1. Mobile Application Provider
  2. Enhanced User Experience
  3. Fintech Gateway

Secure Library

  1. Encrypt Customer Data
  2. Ensure Data Integrity

Banking Gateway

  1. Responsible for Authentication
  2. Access to Source of Funds
  3. Transaction Processing
  4. Impose Bank Rules and Consumer Profiling

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AlexBank's IPN Payment Gateway Journey

Earlier, we at Sumerge partnered with AlexBank and implemented our state of the art IPN Payment Gateway solution. Where we built a Microservices architectural solution to deliver the IPN services to be the trigger for Alexbank digital transformation strategy. We’re excited to join hands with many more major market players and help kickstart IPN services and solutions within the Egyptian market!

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